Online Course D2L Ready2Run (R2R) Checklist

Please complete the Ready2Run Checklist for every course you teach. When complete, click SUBMIT and Online Learning will be notified. Please ensure that your courses are Ready2Run by the Monday of the last week of the previous semester (preferred) or by no later than 11:59 p.m. Monday the week before classes begin.

This form cannot be saved, only submitted, so print out a copy and refer to it as you update your course before filling out the online form.  

Please use the "comments" boxes for any notes for the R2R reviewers.


Course Information


Course Prefix, Number and Section:
(e.g., LIT 115-500)



 Instructor Name:






Online Lead Name:



Course Ready2Run Updates


My Course Home includes 



 “Welcome” News Item including







Course Syllabus






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Getting Started





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Drop for Non-Attendance:





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Dates Visible to Students on Day 1 are Current for the Semester








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 At Least Two Weeks of Content



 My course has Content module(s) covering at least the first 2 weeks of material with dates reflecting the current semester.  Each module includes:



Links for activities including any






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Visible Links





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