Proposal for Online Course Development


Course Number   
Course Title    Credit Hours  
New Online Course or
Redevelopment of Existing
Online Course
Term of first offering
(if approved)
   Development Term   
How often will this
course be offered?
Proposed by
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Proposed Course Developer
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Brief description of online course. Include main learning objectives and summary of teaching
philosophy,planned activities, and assessment strategies.




Rationale for offering this particular course online. Explain why this class can be taught effectively
in an online and/or hybrid environment and estimate the number of students it will serve. Base this in
part on degree/certificate programs it supports, transfer status, similar offerings on campuses and
CCCOnline, etc. Also consider impact/integration with classroom sections, any other special considerations. 



Intercampus Collaboration: Please propose colleagues who might act as representative
stakeholders in this course development. It is required that more than one campus is
represented in each course development.




Resources. List people or materials who will be needed to develop this course, including an
estimate of the overall cost.