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Financial Aid Info for Parents

Financial Aid & Scholarships

The financial aid process can be overwhelming for students and their families, but the staff at the Financial Aid Office is here to help you through the process. Learn more about how financial aid works, applying for financial aid, the different types of financial aid, the College Opportunity Fund, and forms you and your your student will need to get started. Have other questions?

Application process

All financial aid starts with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Need help? See our FAFSA tips for assistance.

Tips for success

  • Encourage your student to apply before the priority deadline date to ensure funds are in place to pay tuition by the due date.
  • If the priority deadline date has passed, your student should still apply. The financial aid application is for an academic year, so your student will be in advance of the next deadline date.
  • Be sure your student keeps his or her address, telephone, and e-mail information current in his or her student account.
  • Encourage your student to visit a Financial Aid Office often to understand requirements and the financial aid and scholarship application process.
  • Keep in mind that financial aid is awarded throughout the year and can be awarded late in the semester.
  • Other options such as our deferred payment plan can help manage the cost of college.
  • Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, FRCC cannot accept payment for your student’s tuition without a release.


FRCC’s Financial Aid Offices provide a wealth of information on scholarships available to students. Encourage your student to check with Financial Aid often (and online), as new scholarships are added regularly. Be sure to check the FRCC Foundation page as well, as the Foundation awards need and merit-based scholarships to deserving students.