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Tuition & Fees Info for Parents

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College Opportunity Fund

The state of Colorado pays a portion of the total cost of higher education for Colorado residents attending Colorado public institutions for their undergraduate degrees. To receive such assistance, your student must sign up for the College Opportunity Fund (COF).

Tips for Success

  • Your student should use the same legal name on the FRCC admission application and the COF application.
  • Information is verified by the Department of Higher Education, so your student should enter information carefully.
  • COF can take 24-48 hours to authorize and apply to your student's account (or longer, should an error occur in the verification process). Your student may be requested to provide proof of identity and other documents for verification.
  • Your student should register early and monitor his or her account to determine whether COF has been applied before the payment deadline date.
  • Your student should pay the full amount of tuition to hold his or her place in classes if there is a question whether COF will be applied before the payment deadline. Once COF has verified and applied, a refund check will be generated and mailed directly to your student.

Paying Your Student’s Bill

Because a parent or any other person is considered a third-party payer, your student must fill out a release before you can pay your student’s tuition.

Tips for Success

  • Be sure your student knows that he or she can log in to his or her secure FRCC account to pay online.
  • Encourage your student to check the balance on his or her account. Financial aid (and scholarships) might not cover the total outstanding balance.

Payment Deadlines

Payment generally is due two weeks before the start of a semester. Payment deadlines are posted online and in the printed course schedule. Once the payment deadline has passed, payment is due on the next business day after your student registers. Failure to pay could result in your student being dropped from all classes. Partial payments will not hold space in a class. Learn more about payment options.

Deferred Payment Plan

The FACTS deferred payment plan allows students to pay their tuition and fees through an interest-free monthly payment plan.

Tips for success

  • Explore the variety of options for payment available to you and your student.
  • Your student will not be dropped from the current semester’s classes if he or she fails to make payments; however, a financial hold will be placed on his or her account, preventing any future registration.

Payment for Dropped Classes

If your student drops out of FRCC or stops going to a class after the drop/refund period, he or she is still responsible for making payments. It is your student’s responsibility to drop classes by the deadline(s) specified for that semester.