Request Your Desire2Learn Course Shell

Request D2L Course Content from another instructor

 All courses taught at FRCC have the opportunity to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom through use of Desire2Learn, FRCC’s online learning management system.  Here’s how it works:   

  1. Desire2Learn automatically creates a blank course shell for every course section listed in Banner (about 3 months before fall and spring terms start, 1 month before summer term starts).   

  2. Once an instructor is officially assigned to a specific course section in Banner, he or she automatically has access to a corresponding course shell for that term in Desire2Learn. 

  3. The instructor can upload content directly to the blank course shell, or copy content from another Desire2Learn course shell.  You can only copy content from shells in which you are enrolled as an instructor. Instructions are posted in Desire2Learn in the Faculty Learning Community under your Student tab in D2L or on by clicking here

  4. If you would like help copying content from another instructor's course section, please submit the following form and allow at least 5 business days for processing. If you have any questions, contact your local instructional designer:

    Boulder County Campus:  (303) 678-3770
    Larimer County Campus:  (970) 204-8215
    Westminster Campus / Brighton Center: (303)404-5079



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  NOTE:When copying content from another instructor, written permission is required from the instructor of the course to be copied, or the department chair via an email sent to:

                   Additional Information: