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Reverse Transfer Degree Request

Please complete this online form in its entirety and hit submit, as we cannot consider you for a Reverse Transfer degree without this information.

Front Range Community College will consider students for an Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, and Associate of General Studies, and will award the highest degree if all degree requirements have been met.

In order to earn a degree from Front Range Community College, students must have earned at least 15 degree credit hours at Front Range Community College. A review of your entire record will need to be completed to determine if your credits are applicable to the degree requirements of the AS, AA, or AGS.

Official transcripts must be mailed directly from the issuing institution(s). “Issued to student,” hand-carried, or faxed transcripts are NOT acceptable.

Once your transcript(s) is received, it becomes part of your permanent educational record.

If you qualify for one of the above mentioned degrees, it will be awarded to you. If you do not qualify for one of the above degrees, you will be notified.

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By entering your name in the signature box, you are electronically signing this document and certifying that you are the person indicated. You must enter your real name. If you purposefully enter false or misleading information, you may be denied admission, continued enrollment, or re-enrollment per SBCCOE Board Policy 4-10. 


By entering your name in the signature box, you are giving us your permission to make updates to your student record as deemed necessary in order to consider you for Reverse Transfer.


If you provide a preferrred email address, we will use this to contact you concerning all steps of the reverse transfer process.