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College Opportunity Fund

COF-logoThe state of Colorado pays a portion of tuition for Colorado residents earning an undergraduate degree at Colorado public institutions. In order to receive this benefit, you must authorize it at each school you attend. At Front Range Community College, you can authorize COF through eWOLF.

How COF Works:

  • You only have to apply for COF once. Once you authorize for one term at FRCC, that choice typically rolls over every term automatically, but you should always verify each semester that you enroll.
  • There are no income qualifications for undergraduate students attending a public institution.
  • COF is not considered financial aid.
  • You must be eligible for in-state tuition (or attending under an eligible tuition program that charges a special-category rate (concurrent enrollment, ASSET, or Military) and be currently enrolled in courses.
  • You can receive the stipend every term that you take eligible undergraduate courses, and have not met your 145 credit hour life time limit.

Getting COF is a Two-Step Process:

  1. Apply at the COF website.

  2. Authorize COF on the Student Finance tab in eWOLF.

Credit Hour limit:

You can use COF up to 145 credits. Review your COF lifetime “hours used” balance on the College Opportunity Fund website:

If you exceed 145 credits,you have three options:

  1. Post-Bachelor Waiver
  2. Institutional Waiver
  3. CCHE Waiver

Please contact one of our campus Academic Advising Offices to discuss which waiver you are eligible for and to start the process, or email

Questions about COF?