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Concurrent Enrollment can be a big transition for any student. Helping your student navigate college is truly a group effort, including support from parents, high schools and FRCC Concurrent Enrollment staff.

To help you best guide your child, we've identified some common areas of support, and our Concurrent Enrollment team is happy to provide general information about resources available on our campus.

Although FERPA does prevent specific student information to be shared with parents about their student, please note that our team is more than happy to talk about general options and information that are available. 

Time management

It can be challenging for students to balance high school, college, friends, work, family commitments, etc. all at once. Students are always encouraged to consider their commitments and prioritize their time so they can be successful in college classes.


These are college courses and students are expected to rise to the higher standards set by their instructors. Remember that FRCC has free resources available to help, including a writing center, math center, and more in our Academic Success Center, an online writing lab, and a comprehensive library.


Students are expected to demonstrate a high level of maturity when taking college classes.  Maturity includes advocating for themselves when they have questions or need help and demonstrating appropriate behavior in class.  Students who take classes on campus will be enrolled with students of all ages and will be expected to integrate with all students appropriately.


Passing a college courses requires the student to attend. Help encourage your student attend courses regularly.  Please keep college courses in mind as you plan family trips, doctor appointments, etc. In some cases, missing multiple class periods could have negative results on the student's final grade.


In college, a deadline is a deadline. This includes registration and drop dates at the college as well as assignments deadlines within courses. Encourage your student to be aware of these important dates and to schedule appropriately to meet deadlines.

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