How to Get Started

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Getting Started

Students apply for admission to FRCC and register for the course through the FRCC student portal (eWOLF). Students will also complete the concurrent enrollment form and any additional paperwork their high school requires. Assessment testing may be required, depending on the class.

Steps to Enroll:

  1. Apply for admission to FRCC
  2. Sign up for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend  
  3. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment form with high school counselor (by the high school's deadline)
  4.  If taking a college class on the college campus attend New Student Orientation. 
  5. Complete placement testing (if necessary). Talk to your high school counselor or Concurrent Enrollment staff to see if this is required for the class you want to take.
  6. Register for classes by the time the class begins.
  7. Attend class

Please reach out to your high school counselor for details on school or district deadlines for participation.

Students are welcome to take concurrent enrollment classes in high school regardless of residency. Because students are under age 23, they will be required to provide some parent/guardian information on the FRCC admission application. The information provided is not shared or used for any purposes other than to determine if a student qualifies for resident tuition or non-resident tuition rates after high school.


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