High School Select

What is High School Select?

Students take FRCC courses at their high school for both high school and college credit. Classes are taught by FRCC-approved high school instructors or FRCC instructors who travel to the high school. Tuition is covered by FRCC and the school district, but students may be responsible for textbooks. 

What FRCC classes can I take?

Class offerings are determined in partnership with the school district, FRCC, and each individual high school. See FRCC courses offered at your high school.

Am I eligible to participate?

Students must be approved by their high school to participate in the High School Select Program. In some cases, qualifying test scores may be required prior to enrollment in a course.

Students should be aware that classes are taught at the college level. Classes are taught by FRCC-approved high school instructors, or by FRCC instructors who travel to your school.

How do I enroll?

After students are selected to enroll by their high school counselors, they will need to complete the three steps outlined below. Students must follow these enrollment steps by the deadline at the beginning of the semester/quarter to earn college credit.

  1. Use our Concurrent Enrollment Application Guide to accurately complete your FRCC application (do not reapply if you already have an FRCC S#)
    • Record/memorize your Student ID number (S#) – you will need it often!
    • If you have applied in the past and have been given an S#, you can retrieve your S# here by clicking “Forgot your Username”
  2. Complete your Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form:
    • Follow the link provided by your high school counselor
    • Identify the High School Select courses you are taking
    • A parent signature is required – you can either:
      • Fill out the form with your parent present to sign it OR
      • Complete the form without your parent and email them a copy to sign at the end. You will be prompted to set a password for the document to share with your parent. If you forget your password, it cannot be recovered. You will need to start over on the form if that happens.
    •  When the form is complete with all signatures, click SUBMIT and a copy will be emailed to you, your parent, your high school, and the school district.
    • To earn college credit, the form must be submitted by the high school deadline.

3. FRCC Staff will enroll you in your High School Select course(s) – you can check your enrollment via the eWolf portal a few weeks or so into the course

  • We will email you with your enrollment confirmation once you are enrolled

Questions? Please contact your high school counselor or Concurrent Enrollment at 970-204-8370 or lcce@frontrange.edu

High School Select Online Orientation

Our Concurrent Enrollment Representatives come out to a good portion of our High School Select classes for a welcome session. For students attending FRCC classes at their high school that missed these sessions, please refer to this online orientation.

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