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As leaders in workforce training programs, we impact more than 2,700 trainees each year. Combining effective industry practices with the resources of an academic institution, we design and implement customized training programs that meet your strategic business goals and improve individual, team and organizational performance. 

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Why Partner with FRCC?

Whether you'd like to build an apprenticeship program, provide new-hire training or upskill and reskill for your workforce, we've got you covered with comprehensive and integrated workforce development solutions.

Customized Training

Our approach is simple: We partner with you to analyze you needs and develop customized training to meet your unique situation. Then we bring in industry leaders and subject matter experts to create your organization-specific training programs. The result is a highly trained workforce that can bring your organization to the next level.

Building Academic Pathways

We go beyond training to give your employees a path to earn professional credentials. By offering college credit for prior learning and training, as well as continuing education credits, we help your employees build a solid educational foundation.

Community-Centric Approach

We're deeply rooted in our community, fostering strong ties with public workforce agencies, economic development organizations and local businesses. Together, we create synergistic partnerships and resources, harnessing the power of community to drive positive change.

Accredited Excellence

We are an accredited educational institution, backed by a wealth of teaching and industry expertise. Our unwavering commitment to quality education ensures that your employees receive training that not only meets, but surpasses industry standards.

Core Areas of Expertise


Management & Leadership Skills icon

Management & Leadership Skills

Empower individuals at all levels to become effective leaders and managers, driving your organization forward

Project management icon

Project Management

Gain a competitive edge with our project management Expertise, including Agile methodology,  Navigate complex projects and deliver results efficiently.

continuous improvement icon

Continuous Improvement

Teach your teams to improve their processes and performance through Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. From fundamentals to advanced belt series, our Opus Works partnership equips you with tools for excellence.

language skills icon

Language Skills

In today's global economy, language skills are crucial. Our contextualized English as a Second Language and Spanish programs foster effective communication and cultural competence.

advanced manufacturing icon

Advanced Manufacturing

Prepare your workforce for the demands of modern manufacturing. We offer courses in robotics, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), machining, welding and operations technician training.


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