Healthcare Program Requirements

Front Range Community College students applying for and enrolled in certain healthcare programs must meet certain vaccination and screening requirements for internship/clinical/practicum placement.  As part of these requirements, students may be required to provide documentation of receipt of certain vaccinations, documentation of immunity and/or documentation of history of disease, submit to tuberculosis screening, drug screening, criminal background checks, and/or provide documentation of a physical exam.Students enrolled in some healthcare programs must also be at least 18 years of age to participate in certain healthcare programs.  Age requirements are based on internship/clinical/practicum site requirements and/or licensure and programmatic accreditation requirements.
As part of programmatic and curricular requirements, some healthcare programs partner with outside internship/clinical/practicum sites.  Students in these programs are required to meet all pre-internship/pre-clinical/pre-practicum and internship/clinical/practicum requirements set by the site with which they are placed. 
Acceptance of a student for internship/clinical/practicum placement is determined by the site the student is placed at.  Once a student is placed in an internship/clinical/practicum experience an additional site will not be made available to the student if the student fails to comply with or meet that sites requirement(s) for placement.
To determine the requirements for vaccinations for the program you are interested in, visit the program webpage and/or email the program contact provided on the program webpage. 
Please note, FRCC does not control a healthcare entity’s decision as to the acceptance of exemptions, and thus, a student’s ability to enroll in or complete a healthcare program may be impacted if an exemption is denied.  Students that are unable to complete internship/clinical/practicum site requirements may delay and may ultimately prevent a student from graduating with a certificate or degree in certain healthcare programs.