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Teach College Courses at Your School

Front Range Community College invites high school instructors to teach concurrent enrollment courses as part of the High School Select Program. These courses are taught at the high school by qualified high school teachers as a part of their contracted schedule.  This program allows students to complete a college course, tuition-free, in a familiar high school environment.

Approved instructors collaborate with FRCC academic department faculty to ensure that the course is taught at the college level and mirrors the experience that students have on campus. The syllabus is reviewed by the department liaison every semester, and instructors are observed by FRCC faculty each year. Instructors attend the FRCC campus inservice and academic department meetings at the beginning of each semester and are encouraged to remain connected to other instructors for curriculum and pedagogy sharing. FRCC faculty will work with instructors to ensure all college expectations and policies are communicated.

Students apply and enroll as true FRCC students and create a permanent FRCC transcript.   

Approved instructors can also teach classes online or on campus if desired; for more information, instructors are encouraged to work with their lead faculty member at FRCC.

Qualifications to Teach

General qualifications are determined by FRCC, guided by their accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  High School Select instructors meet the same educational and industry experience requirements as would be expected of any on-campus part-time instructor.

General Education Courses

  • Faculty must hold a Master's degree, including at least eighteen graduate-level semester hours in the program area to be taught.
  • An instructor's degree must be from an accredited institution of higher learning.

CTE Courses

  • Under the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) board rules governing credentialing, all secondary instructors who teach in a Colorado Community College System (CCCS) approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program must hold a valid postsecondary credential.
  • Criteria for the post-secondary credentials vary slightly by discipline, but generally require faculty to demonstrate 4,000 hours of related work experience in the last seven years and to possess either a Bachelor's or Associate's Degree or specified professional certification.
  • Instructors must have industry experience in the subject matter taught and be familiar with the equipment used in the program. 

Steps to Teach

  • Start by discussing your interests, possibilities, and obtaining approval from your school or district administration.
  • If interested in being qualified to teach for concurrent enrollment, please email your resume, transcripts, and secondary CTE credential (if applicable) to the Concurrent Enrollment Instructional Coordinator.
  • Your credentials will be vetted through the FRCC academic department chair/lead for review, and you will be contacted for next steps upon review.
FRCC Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Application


High school instructors who meet qualifications to teach college classes are required to meet State, college and department requirements for courses. Instructors will create and follow a college syllabus, use MyCourses, attend inservice/department meetings as required, and use college level textbooks approved by the academic department lead. See instructor expectations.


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