Information Systems & Computer Skills

“Customized Advanced Excel – We have several complex data streams to manage including financial reporting. The specific skills our team learned have already allowed us to reduce our inventory reporting from 3 hours to 25 minutes.”

– Lexmark International

Information Systems & Computer Skills courses we offer are listed below. Please contact us if you are interested in something not listed!

These courses are designed to boost your productivity by building your computer skills for Microsoft Excel. Our courses introduce you to advanced concepts specific to your work and your data. They include multiple levels, practice exercises, and concise step-by-step instructions. Enjoy expert help in applying the skills from our seasoned instructors.

Prepare for your Network+ exam and improve your skills in managing and troubleshooting networks. Build on your knowledge of hardware and software as you learn to install, configure and maintain basic network infrastructure.

Guard your company’s IT systems against emerging threats. Build on your knowledge of security, network services and devices and enhance your skills in monitoring, troubleshooting and implementing operational security. This course is for IT professionals with network security and administration background. Includes preparation for the CompTIA Security + Exam.

This course introduces you to Agile project management and Agile software development, with an emphasis on Scrum, lean project management techniques, and Agile software development practices. After a general introduction to Scrum and Agile development, you will learn development techniques to enhance your projects such as test-driven development and Agile architectural design patterns.

Our custom course in SQL will increase your knowledge of relational databases and your search capabilities. Course content is designed based on the level of your team from basic structure of relational databases and creating and updating records to advanced searches and data manipulation techniques. You will write SQL code demonstrating the key capabilities of the language, and save your code for future use as stored procedures. This class emphasizes a learn-by-doing approach with numerous hands-on exercises.

Our custom course in C++ provides an opportunity to advance your skills in object oriented programming. Course content is designed based on the level of your team from the basics of program structure, flow control, functions and libraries to advanced C++ classes, arrays, strings or extended topics. Includes application of concepts to a team project.