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What is High School Select? 

Through High School Select at Front Range Community College, you can take FRCC classes at your high school for both high school and college credit. 

What FRCC Classes Can I Take?

The classes offered depend on your school district and high school. FRCC works in partnership with school districts and high schools in determining what classes will be offered at individual high schools.

Am I Eligible to Participate?

Before participating in High School Select, you must be approved by your high school. Keep in mind that even though these classes may be offered at your high school, they are taught at a college level, and in some cases, qualifying test scores may be required prior to enrollment in a course.

Who Teaches High School Select Courses?

Classes are taught by FRCC-approved high school instructors, or by FRCC instructors who travel to your school.

High School Select Enrollment Steps

FRCC's partner high schools have district-specific processes required for course enrollment. Be sure to speak with your high school counselor BEFORE applying to FRCC to ensure that you follow your district’s process and complete the required forms for enrollment.  Once you have received approval, follow the steps below to enroll at FRCC.

Apply to Front Range Community College

  • Use our Concurrent Enrollment Application Guide to help complete your application.
    Be sure to apply with your Full Legal Name as it appears on your birth certificate, identification card and/or high school ID.
    Apply Here
  • Please note: If you have previously applied and have an S#, there's no need to reapply. You can retrieve your S# by going to eWOLF, clicking "Need Help with Your Login," then selecting "Forgot Your Username?"
  • At the end of your 'Application Certification', select YES when asked to authorize COF (College Opportunity Fund). COF covers a portion of tuition that the school district does not pay.
  • If you are a non-U.S. Citizen not reporting a social security number, you will create an account with College Opportunity Fund (COF) and receive a COF ID number, also known as a C number. 
  • Check your personal email account you provided on your application to find your FRCC Student Number (S#). Anticipate 2 to 3 business days for application processing.  
    • Be sure to memorize or record your Student ID number (S#). You'll need it often! 
    • You do not need to complete the "Next Steps" portion of the email. 

Course Enrollment

Each school district has its own process for High School Select course enrollment. You should complete your High School Select enrollment with your high school counselor at the same time you plan your high school schedule.

  • Since each district has specific deadlines to enroll in Concurrent Enrollment, it's important for you to speak to your counselor to ensure you meet all deadlines.
    Note: students cannot be added to courses after the final enrollment date for each term has passed.

Enrollment Confirmation

Once we receive confirmation from your high school counselor, FRCC staff will enroll you in your course(s).

  • To confirm your enrollment, you can check eWOLF three weeks after courses begin.
  • FRCC will also visit your High School Select classroom to help you log into eWOLF and confirm your course(s).


Contact your high school counselor or Boulder County Campus Concurrent Enrollment at 303-678-3820 or


Feel free to reach out to our team.

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