Tutoring at Boulder County Campus

Tutoring at the Boulder Student Success Center

Students who are enrolled in a credit class at the Boulder County campus or an online class and are receiving a grade of 79% or less are eligible for one hour of free weekly individual tutoring in two subjects. A student who is eligible for academic accommodation may have two hours of tutoring per week in two subjects.

  • Students must visit or call the tutoring office to set up a tutoring schedule. Scheduling will be followed by an email confirmation to the student’s FRCC email address.
  • All tutoring takes place on the Boulder County campus.
  • Students who miss or cancel two tutoring appointments may be dropped from tutoring for the rest of the semester.
  • Tutors do not do homework for students. They are facilitators of student learning. Students should be prepared with goals and questions for each tutoring session. If students come to sessions unprepared, they risk being dropped from tutoring.
  • Students must request a tutor at least three weeks before the end of the semester, which is the 12th week of the fall or spring semester, or the 8th week of the summer session.

How to Schedule a Tutor

Complete the Form

Download, complete and sign the Tutor Request Form.

  • Without complete information, the tutoring office cannot place you with a tutor.
  • This information includes an S number, Front Range student email address, and the your signature.

Meet with Tutor Coordinator

Once you complete the Tutor Request Form, meet with the Tutor Coordinator or Assistant.

  • If neither are available, inquire at the front desk of the Student Success Center.
  • Please check the Tutoring Office window or the main desk of the Student Success Center for office hours.
  • If you can not be on campus during office hours, drop off the completed form at the main desk in the Student Success Center, and then call the tutoring office during office hours to schedule tutoring sessions.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is available for selected subjects. Please call or visit the Student Success Center main desk for details.

Study Group Tutoring

Student groups of 3-5 students in the same class may form a study group and meet with a tutor in the Student Success Center. 
  • Groups will meet for an hour once a week.
  • There is no grade requirement to join a study group.
  • The study group request form is available here, and in the Student Success Center. The group completes the form and submits it to the tutoring office.
  • Students are expected to attend every meeting. If the group falls below three students attending regularly, then it will be dissolved.

For further information, contact the Student Success Center at (303) 678-3900. Individual tutoring for students earning a 79% or less will continue to be available.

Other Help

In addition to tutoring, the Boulder Student Success Center offers a Math Lab, Writing Center, academic success coaching, and more.

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