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Student Posters

Students in a Multimedia Graphic Design class created posters with the Vision 2020 strategic plan as the design topic. Click the “i” to see the student designer’s name.

Vision 2020 Student Poster Ramirez Vision2020 Student poster Michael Floyd Web Design Major Vision2020 Student Poster Gabe Batmanglidg Graphic Design & Video Major Vision2020 Student Poster Zario Caceres Film & Editing Major Vision2020 Student Poster Hans Homann Video Production Major Vision2020 Student Poster Kaelyn Jens Photography Major

Vision 2020 Virtual Expo

 Vision 2020: Recognizing Our Accomplishments

In 2015, we envisioned what we wanted to accomplish by 2020. We created our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, determined to be known for our singular focus on student success, our exceptional teaching, our strong commitment to diverse learners and communities, and our effective business and community partnerships.

Now it is time for us to reflect on our goals and recognize the many accomplishments we've made as departments, campuses - and as a college

Welcome to the FRCC Vision 2020 Virtual Expo!

Vision 2020 LogoEveryone at FRCC plays a role in our mission to enrich lives through learning.  The Vision 2020 Virtual Expo gives us the opportunity to showcase innovative solutions and success stories from across the college, including contributions by faculty, staff, students and community members.

This two-day virtual event features digital displays and interactive virtual booths to highlight both collegewide and campus-specific goals and successes. An open house style event, you can join anytime from 11 am to 2 pm and view electronic posters and presentations and interact with presenters – all at your own pace. 

More than 20 live sessions will be offered throughout the Expo. Join the sessions by clicking the links in the Expo Agenda or scroll down to view the presentations by Strategic Goal.

Expo Agenda

Event Details

Date: November 9 & 10

Time: 11 am - 2 pm

How to Navigate the Virtual Expo

Watch the video below for tips on how to get around the Vision 2020 Virtual Expo.



Virtual Exposition Program


Thank you for joining in today! We are grateful for, and appreciative of, the work done to advance Vision 2020. Thank you to the presenters for sharing their contributions and to all the attendees for recognizing and celebrating our collective efforts!