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  • To help you have the smoothest start possible at FRCC, we offer “Get Started” sessions. These sessions walk you through the steps in the admissions process, class registration, financial aid and more.

    All new students must complete a getting started session before their new student advising hold is cleared. Once you have taken the assessment placement tests and completed a getting started session, see an advisor who can then clear your new student advising hold.

    See session dates and times at your campus:

  • All FRCC campuses offer an orientation for new students the week before fall semester in August and the spring semester in January. Orientation is a fun and exciting way to learn about the services and resources that will help you succeed. You will meet many faculty members, staff and other students. While attendance is not required, we believe attending New Student Orientation is one of the keys to your success at FRCC.

    Learn more about the dates, times, and locations for the orientations at each of our campuses.

    If you are taking online classes, learn about the required orientation. Learn more about orientation to Online Learning.

  • Interested in coming to FRCC?

    The Admissions and Outreach department can help you.

    The can assist you with applying for admission and learning about the enrollment process for FRCC. They also give tours of the campus and provide information on our academic programs and financial aid. See more information on admissions or contact the campus you plan to attend:

    • Boulder County:    (303) 678-3722
    • Brighton Center:    (303) 404-5234
    • Larimer Campus:   (970) 204-8377
    • Westminster:         (303) 404-5000

    Current or past FRCC student?

    Contact the Registrar's Office at your campus:

    • Boulder County:  (303) 678-3635
    • Brighton Center:  (303) 404-5099
    • Larimer:  (970) 204-8107
    • Westminster:  (303) 404- 5414


  • It’s easy to apply to FRCC! Simply apply online

    Former students who return after an absence of 12 months or more must reapply for admission. Degree and certificate requirements in effect at the time of readmission apply to readmitted students.

    See more information about applying to FRCC..

  • Some courses offer the option to waitlist until a spot becomes available. See how to get added to a course waitlist. If you see “C” or 0 remaining seats or a status of “Closed Section” that indicates a class is full.  To register for courses, log in to your eWOLF account.

    Admissions Wait List
    FRCC does not have a wait list for admission. We will accept all students who apply to Front Range and we do not have a deadline for admissions. However, the earlier you apply, the better chance you have of registering for the classes of your choice. Some popular classes have waiting lists, and you may have to wait until the following semester to enter such a class if you apply at the last minute.

  • There are many opportunities at FRCC for high school students! Students are welcome to attend independently, or as part of a program sponsored by their local school district. The options are outlined below. Learn about all high school programs.

    • High School Select - Take courses at your high school for both high school and college credit by either FRCC-approved high school instructors or FRCC faculty. Tuition is covered by the school district, but students may be responsible for textbooks and fees.
    • Campus Select - Take classes with college students on campus at FRCC for both high school and college credit. Tuition is covered by the school district, but students may be responsible for textbooks and fees.
    • Independent Study - High school students are welcome to take college classes at FRCC without school district approval. Students should be aware that they will not qualify for most types of financial aid. Students who are under 17 years old will need to fulfill college-level assessment requirements and fill out additional paperwork. High school students older than 17 can follow the standard FRCC enrollment process.
    • Career Pathways - At our Larimer Campus in Fort Collins, high school students can participate in one of nine Career and Technical Education programs, such as Law Enforcement Exploration or Automotive Technology.  Most programs are held on campus at FRCC. Tuition is covered by Poudre and Thompson School Districts, but each program requires a moderate student fee. Learn more about the Career Pathways programs.
  • Our open-admission policy means that anyone seeking to better themselves through education is welcome at our college. If you are at least 17 years old, you will be admitted automatically to Front Range Community College. Admission to the college, however, does not ensure acceptance into any specific program.

     For more information visit Admissions.



  • FRCC does not require ACT or SAT test scores for admission, however your ACT or SAT scores may exempt you from taking all or part of the placement test.

    Your ACT/SAT scores can be submitted to the advising department at your campus.


  • International Baccalaureate

    Students can earn college credit for taking International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations if they meet the requirements.See IB courses FRCC accepts.

    The Handbook lists the required scores for each subject area. Certain programs have specific criteria for scores in order for them to be applied toward the degree (i.e. for the AA-Business for Transfer, IB scores must be 4 or higher.)

    To have your IB credits evaluated, send an official copy of the score report from the issuing agency to our transcript evaluator. For more information about earning credit for IB exams, visit International Baccalaureate Organization.

    Advanced Placement program

    Students can earn college credit for taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams (administered by The College Board) if they meet the scoring requirements. See AP courses FRCC accepts.

    To have your AP credits evaluated, send an official copy of the score report from the issuing agency to our transcript evaluator.Transfer credit is not awarded for Advanced Placement if the student has completed equivalent coursework. For more information on earning AP credit, visit The College Board.

    See more information on transferring credit to FRCC.

  • International education credentials will be evaluated after review by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services-approved organization. You can find a listing of these organizations on the NACES website ( Be sure you choose an organization from this list so that FRCC can use the evaluation. If you have your transcripts evaluated by an organization that is not on this list, FRCC may not be able to accept the evaluation for the purposes of transferring courses into FRCC. Be sure to request a course-by-course evaluation of your transcript. The cost of this evaluation varies, so be sure to check with the organization to learn about their costs and document requirements.

    See the admissions process for international students.


  • Vaccines are not required to attend FRCC. However, some of our health programs do require you to be current on certain immunizations and to provide documentation. See required vaccines and specific admission requirements for:

    International students may need to have certain immunizations to enter the country but not to attend FRCC.

  • All students receive an acceptance letter either by email or, if no email was provided, through the USPS.

    If you were given your student ID and password at the end of your application for admission, you can check the status of your application by logging into eWOLF. Go to the Registration page and under “Register for Classes” click on the Registration Status link.

    If you did not receive a student ID and password at the end of your application, you should receive it 3-5 business days after applying. It will come by email or letter.


  • If you want to take just one or two classes at FRCC to transfer back to another college/university or for your personal or career development, we have a streamlined admissions process that will get you started quickly.

    Please Note: If you are applying for financial aid and taking courses without declaring a certificate or degree program, your financial aid award may be affected. Be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office to ensure your program is financial aid eligible and that you have your program plan correctly identified in our system.

    One Course Waiver

    If you are taking only one coursfor either employment enhancement or personal interest, you may qualify you for a one course waiver. You can only qualify for a one course waiver once and if you take additional classes later on you will need to complete the entire enrollment process.

    NOT eligible for one course waiver:

    • Students under 20 years of age
    • State guaranteed general education transfer (GT) courses
    • English and mathematics courses

    To find out more information on the one course waiver process contact the Advising department at your campus.

  • Before you can apply to a particular program, you will first need to apply to FRCC. You can apply online using our online application.

    Some career/technical programs, such as Nursing, Nurse Aide, EMT, etc. require a separate application to the program in addition to the main FRCC application. Those special admissions requirements can be found on the specific program page. See an A-Z list of all academic programs.

  • FRCC does not have a minimum high school GPA requirement for general admissions. Our mission, as a community college, is to provide access to education for anyone desiring to further their schooling, and a person’s GPA at a former institution or in high school will not prevent a person from attending FRCC.

    We do require students to take a placement test, to be placed in the correct level of reading, English, and math courses. There are certain instances where students qualify for an exemption to these placement tests.

    See how to apply to FRCC.

  • FRCC does not have a foreign language requirement for admission or for graduation (with the exception of the Associate of Arts in Spanish degree). However, many of our programs give students the option of taking a foreign language, since proficiency in a foreign language can enhance your cultural competency, and can be a desirable skill when seeking employment following graduation. Also, some four year institutions require a certain level of foreign language proficiency, and you can take those courses at FRCC before transferring. For more information, see our Admissions webpage.

    Apply to FRCC.

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