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  • VA educational benefit eligibility is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can apply for VA educational benefits online through the Veterans Education Benefits Application Process.

    Our Veteran Services staff assists students using their Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits. FRCC also has designated Veteran Service Advisors at each campus. See Veterans Services for contact information and to get started.


  • As a current or previous member of the military or a dependent of a military member, you may qualify for certain in-state tuition exceptions. Learn how.

  • If the courses are not remedial (such as MAT 090) and apply towards your program of study at FRCC, they will be approved and reported to the VA.  Please be aware that you will only receive 50% of the National Average for BAH (between $600-$700) per month.  In order to receive your full BAH, you need to be in at least one on campus course. 

    For more information, please contact the Veteran Services Advisor at your campus.

  • Please immediately contact your Veteran Services Advisor at your campus.  FRCC is required to report any schedule change, including any “W” to the VA promptly.  The VA will contact you directly and inform you of any debt assessed as a result.

  • The VA determines payment for BAH based on:

    • The ZIP code of the institution
    • Dates of attendance
    • Percentage of eligibility
    • Credit hours enrolled

    See for more specific information.

  • FRCC has designated Veteran Services Advisors at each campus.  See Veterans Services for contact information.

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