50th Anniversary Celebration Week at WC

August 27-31, 2018

1960s  |  Launching into the Future

Monday, August 27

WhatCelebrate the opening of the college in 1968 with free Dippin' Dots ice cream!

When: 11 am-1 pm

Where: SOC Hallway

1970s  |   Tie Dyeing Party and Kona Ice

Tuesday, August 28

What: Come get your tie dye on! White clothing items will be provided—or bring your own.

When: 11:30am-1:30pm

Where: Outside Entrance 2A

But wait, there's more...

What: FREE Kona Ice!

When: 12 noon-1 pm

Where: Outside Entrance 2A

1980s  |  Hot Air Balloon Rides and Fall BBQ/Outdoor Expo

Wednesday, August 29

What: Hot Air Balloon Rides—rise 50 feet into the sky in honor of our 50th anniversary! ***WEATHER PERMITTING***

When: 7:30am-9:30 am

Where: West of the College Hill Library Parking Lot (FRCC West Hill)

But wait, there's more...

What: Fall BBQ and Outdoor Expo

When: 11 am-3 pm

Where: Outside (between Entrance 3 and Entrance 4)

1990s  |  '90s Music Bingo

Thursday, August 30

What: Music Bingo

When: 11 am-1 pm

Where: Café Rotunda

2000s  | Freebie Friday

Friday, August 31

What: :Lots of giveaways—FREE FRCC SWAG, including charging cables and charging stands.

When: 11 am-1 pm

Where: SOC Hallway 

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