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Emma Pena-McCleave

Bilingual Admissions & Outreach Representative
Boulder County Campus
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Admissions & Outreach

There are lots of myths out there, make sure you get the facts about what it takes to go to college. My life has been a surprise to me because I would have never thought I was college material. When I was finally exposed to what college was really about I said, “Why not me!” Throughout my life I’ve been told I’m lucky because life hasn’t been that much of a struggle. My response to that is education, education, education. I graduated from the University of Colorado and did my graduate work in Education at Colorado State University.
Revere High School – Sedgwick CO
University of Colorado – Boulder, CO
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Additional Information
My Outreach Focus:

My goal in recruitment is to inform students how important college is, expose them to the college process, and provide them with the knowledge they’ll need to go on to enroll and register for classes.

Why FRCC is Great:

It provides students with a way to receive a quality education in their local area.

My Story:

My story is really simple. I come from a large family in Northeastern Colorado and I thought that I was destined to repeat my parents’ life. College was financially out of reach for me.