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Susana Gallegos

Bilingual Pathways Advisor
Boulder County Campus
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High School: Travelers Rest, South Carolina


  • Front Range Community College
  • Colorado State University - Human Development & Family Studies, Bachelor of Arts
Additional Information
Why FRCC is Great

FRCC is great because is flexible, affordable, and is an easier transition from high school to college.

Favorite Class in College

Italian, ethnicity, and my human development and family studies

My Story
I was born and raised in Mexico. My family and I moved to the States when I was 16 years old.

High school was very challenging for me because I was in a school where there were almost no Latinos and it was a big language and culture barrier. Thanks to one of my teacher's support I was able to graduate high school.

I moved to Colorado right after graduation and have been here ever since. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I was not sure how to start or where to go. My sister-in-law told me to go to FRCC and ask for information about how to start. I went to the Boulder County Campus in Longmont where I learned what out-of-state tuition was and how expensive it is. I waited for about three years to become an in-state student and worked to save money to go back to school. After becoming in-state, I enrolled at FRCC.

My journey at FRCC was longer than I planned, but I was able to apply and be accepted to Colorado State University – Fort Collins. After changing my major four times, I found the career that I love and I am passionate about it. Now I am back where everything started and I am excited to share my journey with others. To let students and families know that even when they think they can't reach their goals or there are setbacks in their life, I am here to support them.