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Cory Reinking

Larimer Campus
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Social & Behavioral Sciences

While earning a Master’s Degree in British history from the University of California, Riverside, Cory taught at a local community college on a whim. After a year, he fell in love with the community college environment. Community colleges, “provide a unique experience to explore deep questions about the past in a small, personal classroom.” As a result, he has been teaching at community colleges since, and has been with Front Range Community College since 2008.
Teaching Philosophy
Most people view history as unchanging, unbiased, and only marginally relevant to their lives. Generally, a traditional history classroom involves memorization of “objective” facts that are quickly forgotten, and tests that are equally unmemorable. However, today’s history is much more active, participatory, and diverse. My classes revolve around asking deep, relevant, and profound questions such as: “How is history used to manipulate your thinking?” or “How can we learn from how people in the past navigated epidemics and pandemics?” or even “Are we happier today than in the past?” Our classes revolve around open-ended questions which students can apply to their present lives. History is more than just dead people who did great things, we can use it to look at a variety of peoples’ experiences to challenge our current society, our identity, and avoid misconceptions.
Teaching Experience
2010 - Present History Faculty, Front Range Community College
2014 - 2019 Chair, Online - Social and Behavioral Sciences
2010 - 2014 History Faculty, Front Range Community College
2008 - 2010 History Instructor, Front Range Community College
2007 - 2008 History Instructor, Riverside (CA) Community College

Colorado State University, B.A., 2006
University of California-Riverside, M.A., 2008

Courses Taught
  • Western Civilization I: Antiquity - 1650
  • Western Civilization II: 1650 - Present
  • The Middle Ages
  • The World II: 1500 - Present