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Kerri Mitchell

Larimer Campus
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English and Communication

Kerri has been a full-time English instructor at the FRCC Larimer campus for six years and an online instructor for four years. She is also the Lead Instructor for all Transfer Composition courses on the Larimer campus. Additionally, she serves as the Online Lead for Transfer Composition courses and Creative Writing courses. Prior to teaching at FRCC, she was an instructor/lecturer in the English Department at Colorado State University, where she taught various English courses and trained new teachers.
Teaching Philosophy
I love to write and teach writing because I believe that writing is a compelling way to show others who we are and how we think. I am constantly discovering things about myself when I sit down to write, and I hope to give students the opportunity to use writing as a tool for their own thinking, learning, communication and creativity. The online environment is an exciting one for me because I get to discover new ways to facilitate learning. I also enjoy getting to know my students primarily through their writing. In an online classroom, writing is not viewed as another tacked on activity. It is the thing we do, all the time. Whether through formal paper assignments, class discussions, or emails, my online students’ ideas and personalities come to life on the page.
Colorado State University, English, M.A.
Suny Fredonia, B.A.
Courses Taught
  • College Composition I & II
  • Creative Nonfiction