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Hannah Brown

Westminster Campus
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Admissions & Outreach


Colorado State University – Fort Collins, B.S.
Colorado State University – Fort Collins, M.S.

Additional Information
My Outreach Focus:

My outreach focus is coordinating on-campus visits for middle and high school student groups and other events such as the Open House and the Wolf PREP summer workshop series. I also represent FRCC at some community groups and organizations.

Why FRCC is Great:

FRCC is great because we have the best students and awesome employees that are really focused on helping those students reach their goals.

Favorite Class in College:

I loved my Cognitive Psychology class in undergrad! It was so interesting to learn about how people think and process information.

My Story:

I grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended Colorado State University (CSU) right after high school. Like many students, I changed my major as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. At CSU I was very involved working on campus and joined clubs and organizations. When I found out I could do that as a job, I knew I’d found my passion! I completed a master’s degree at CSU and then started at FRCC not long after. I’ve been at FRCC since 2007 and still love it!