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Thompson Tindall

Larimer Campus
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Welding Technology

A member of AWS (American Welding Society), Thompson has extensive experience working in Industrial metal fabrication as a journeyman iron worker, with various construction companies across the south east such as NUCOR and Shuck Steel fabricators. Thompson also has extensive experience in motorsports both in building cars for NASCAR teams and as a member of the pit crew that travels to each race on the circuit. Thompson is a Navy veteran of the Gulf War, where he was assigned to the USS America battle group during the war, and then later was stationed in Sicily for three years. He is a native Coloradan and enjoys snow skiing, fishing and hiking.
Teaching Philosophy
I believe in teaching welding for life. Welding is not just a skill to be learned but a tool to succeed in life. Being a welder can give a student a feeling of pride as they weld buildings, pipe lines, ships, and even art sculptures. Welding provides students with an opportunity to generate a strong income to help them succeed in life. A welders work endures time, thus the act of welding is an art that last generations. What welders build change the skyline in cities across the world.
Teaching Experience
2014-Present Full-time welding instructor at Front Range Community College
2010-2014 Adjunct faculty welding instructor at Aiken Technical College
University of South Carolina, B.A., Studio Art/Education, 2013
Trident Technical College, A.A., Industrial Technology, 2001
Courses Taught
  • Basic & Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Basic & Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Basic & Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding