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April Menzies, Ph.D.

Boulder County Campus
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Dr. Menzies, who advises aspiring teachers at the Boulder County Campus, has been teaching at FRCC for nine years. She comes from a family of teachers. Her grandfather was a high school science teacher and mother continues to teach biology at the community college level, after a career as a high school science teacher. Spending countless hours in schools with her mother or grandfather, working at school events, and garnering an insider’s view of all aspects of education have contributed to Dr. Menzies’ apparent ease in the classroom.
Teaching Philosophy
I have had a life-long passion for teaching and learning. Finding out what “works” in a classroom; what makes one teacher exceptional among his or her peers; what characteristics, habits, or practices engage students better than others is utterly fascinating to me. During a conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall, the convergence of my interest in primate language, personality, and intelligence and my captivation with how people learn became clear. I took everything Dr. Goodall’s training had taught me about observing primates and began studying student’s response to teaching. Over the years, my philosophy has become refined to a very simple idea – my students should know more about a particular subject when they exit my class than they did when they entered. I believe an exceptional teacher will utilize a variety of tactics – some obvious, and other not so – to achieve this aim. Each moment of the classroom experience is thoughtfully constructed with the ultimate goal of helping students to achieve “deep learning.” Learning occurs in lively, energetic, engaged – sometimes rowdy – moments, as well as more contemplative, quiet, and thoughtful moments. Learning is an exciting endeavor for both students and teachers.
Teaching Experience
2007- Present Chair and Faculty, Education and Academic Advancement, Front Range Community College
2006-2007 Career Education Coordinator, FRCC-Boulder County
2005-2006 School District Project Coordinator, FRCC-Boulder County
2002-2006 Instructor, Anthropology and Education, Front Range Community College
Kansas State University, Ph.D., 2001
Kansas State University, M.S., 1992
Kansas State University, B.S., 1991
Hutchinson Community College, A.A., 1989
Courses Taught
  • College 101: Student Experience
  • Introduction to Education
  • Physical Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology