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Philip Hayes

Admissions & Outreach Representative
Larimer Campus
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Admissions and Outreach

Colorado State University, B.A. Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, Religious Studies minor
Additional Information
My Outreach Focus:
  • Thompson School District - High School Students (New First Time students)
  • Main Point for Thompson School District High School Counselors
  • Windsor and Roosevelt High Schools
  • Area Alternative High Schools Liaison
  • Campus & VIP Tour Lead
Why FRCC is Great:
Front Range Community College is great because of its people! Fort Collins is like a little slice of Heaven, and FRCC is like a little slice of Heaven within a little slice of Heaven. Everyone at FRCC actually cares about each and every student, encouraging and enhancing academic development, professional development, and perhaps most importantly, personal development.

My Favorite Class in College:
Mysticism of the East and West

My Favorite Instructor
Shawna Van is at the top of the list of favorite instructors, too numerous to mention.

My Story: 
I was a straight A student who couldn’t get past the 9th grade. For various reasons, I struggled through junior high and high school. Looking back, I lacked an adequate support system. That’s where FRCC comes in. I started here as a student in 2009 after not attending school for decades. I made immediate, and meaningful connections with the caring, intelligent folks I met here – students, staff, and faculty. The academic excellence I encountered here, along with Phi Theta Kappa membership, and being selected a Foundation Scholar, prepared me to attend CSU on a full academic scholarship, as a Reisher Scholar. I graduated with an Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts B.A. in December 2015. 

As an Outreach Representative, my passion and focus is “spreading the good news” of Front Range Community College. My educational philosophy is meeting students where they are, then exploring with them, all options, in order to allow them to move toward realizing their full potential – just as my mentors did for me.

I currently count my blessings on a daily basis because I am fortunate enough to work with outstanding educators, who also happen to be some of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Personally, the best part of my good fortune is that I have a platform to pay back all the generous support, I have been the benefactor of, to all students who cross my path.