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Patrick Shabram

Larimer Campus
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Patrick has extensive experience as a professional geographer both in community colleges and in private industry. He has worked in retail location analysis and educational product development, but most of his private experience comes in the wine industry where he is an expert in viticultural areas. Patrick is a member of the American Association of Geographers.
Teaching Philosophy
Higher education is helping train people to think critically, act responsibly, and make informed decisions that not only improve their lives and opportunities, but the lives and opportunities of the people with whom they engage. As such, I hold the principles of academic achievement very seriously. I also feel a strong need to make the educational experience enjoyable and interesting to the student. I seek this goal by showing my own compassion for the subject matter being taught and by relating the coursework to many of the students’ own experiences or day-to-day encounters. When students are done taking my classes, I hope not only will they have learned more about the world around them, but that they will start to ask new questions, educate themselves when they don’t know the answers, and have learned the tools necessary to further explore these new queries.
Teaching Experience
2012 - Present Geography faculty at Front Range Community College
2010 - 2012 Full-time instructor at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas
1999 – 2010 Adjunct faculty at Las Positas College in Livermore, California
2009 Adjunct faculty at Chabot College in Hayward, California
San Jose State University, Geography, M.A , 1998
University of Colorado at Boulder, Geography, B.A, 1990
Courses Taught
  • Physical Geography: Landforms
  • Physical Geography: Weather & Climates
  • World Regional Geography
  • Global Climate Change
  • Careers & Research in the Geosciences
Additional Information
  • Professional Ballparks of the West Coast, BAEB Publishing, 2009
  • Principle Investigator, Collaborative Research: GP-EXTRA: Geo-Launchpad: Preparing Colorado Community College Students for Geoscience focused Careers, National Science Foundation Award ID 154088