Emergency Response - Students

Help FRCC Students During Hard Times

As Winston Churchill once said, “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” During these unprecedented times we must rise to face this new challenge together. While many of us will be able to stand on our own, there are many others who need us to stand with them. Front Range Community College has a large group of students who come from a low socio-economic household and they are our most vulnerable.

Today we are asking that you make a small financial sacrifice to help support our at-risk students. Your generosity will go directly to the ‘Front Range Community College High Needs Fund.’ The fund will support an emergency fund for students ensuring that our students’ basic needs are met. The fund is intended to support students who may be experiencing an unexpected and critical financial hardship—one that requires immediate attention, such as utilities, internet bills, and housing. 

We do expect to see an increase of students seeking help. Let’s keep students in class by ensuring their critical needs are met. If you have the ability, you can help our students rise against these winds. 

Student in Need? Learn about available resources on the FRCC COVID-19 Updates page and apply for an emergency scholarship.