Gift Of Love Fundraiser (GOLF) 2021

3 frontline workers

Last year the Harmony Club neighborhood, members and friends came together to pay tribute to our frontline heroes who showed up and fought COVID. In their honor, our Gift of Love (G.O.L.F.) fundraiser raised $50,000 that went to FRCC scholarships for future nursing students, EMTs and paramedics.

Supporting Future Frontline Heroes

This year we're partnering with FRCC again and are asking for your help to raise funds for local students who are in financial need. Your donations will be helping the future generation of first-care responders - along with students training to become Police Officers at the FRCC Police Academy training program.

Let’s work together to give the gift of Education—a pay it forward project that will keep on giving!

How You Can Help

The G.O.L.F. fundraiser runs from November 1-30, 2021. This year we're offering two ways to contribute:

  • Dine In/Out for a Cause. Join us at DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery and 20% of your dinner bill will go to our cause.
    Where: DC Oakes Brewhouse and Eatery, 3581 Harmony Rd, Fort Collins
    Date: November 22, 2021
    Time: 5-8 pm

  • Make a Donation. Just use the form below to make a contribution or mail/drop off donation by check. Please make checks payable to: 
    The FRCC Foundation     
    3877 Tayside Ct.
    Timnath, CO 80547

Your donation will be MATCHED and you will be investing in those who will one day heal, save and protect us and our loved ones! Thank you for letting the good and love in you live on with your donation.

Email Suna Thomas or call 970-213-5048
2021 Donors
City Club Foundation
Brian Gonzales
Valpak of North Colorado &
South Wyoming
Brett and Dawn Anderson
Dave and Geri Percival
Carrie Baumgart
The Cupboard
Cindy and Gregg DeGroot
Roger and Jill Austin
Peppe and Sherryl DeMarco
Elizabeth and David Parker
Clayton and Kandy Hartman
Jacquelyn Curran
Brannen Construction
DC Oakes Brewhouse & Eatery
Julia and Mario Carmosino
Chimney Park Restaurant & Bar
Tony and Mary Fonte
John and Beth Yoss
Kelly and Robert Parrish
Doug and Brittain Hoffman
Jeff and Rod Clough
Steven Szabo and Patricia
Paul McGill III
Hollyn Engel
Chris and Mary Ann Fergen
Blaine and Nancy Smith
Paul and Pam McGill
Anastasiia and Max Bazalii
Ki and Hal Johnson
Mark and Terri Burke
Wendy and Mike Eisenmenger
Brian Jones
Debra Canales
Lori and Gary Burge
Coleen and Craig Ockers
Don and Lynn Svitak
Vern Park
Jerry and Kathy Pastor
Byron and Ruth Collins
The Women's Clinic of Northern
Allura Clinic
Ralph and Susan Porterfield
Harmony Club
Ken and Amy Salazar
Simone Clasen
Janice Nerger
Mike and Allegra Frank
Heather and Tony Creager
Currie Family Foundation
William Farr
Judy Harper
Kathleen and Kenneth
Stan and Susie Gunstream
Phil and Amy Goldstein
Steve and Brenda Dawes
Mark and Genevieve Soukup
Illeane and S.H. Podolski
April and Jeremy Cardwell
Mash Lab Brewing
Mike and Mary Baca
Billye Moser and Mark Salli
Denene Schrick
North 40 - Northern Colorado
United for Youth, Inc.
Rebecca and Cris de la Torre
Jane and Chris Serafin
David and Gretchen Osborn
Colleen A. Belisle
Randy and Patty Johnston
William and Lauren Smith
Robert and Renee Weisser
Renee Holloway
Dennis and Gayle Neidert
Joni Schur
Rachael Mild
Samuel Naffziger
Marji Trinen
Richard and Jane Raymond
William and Kathleen Neal
Jill Grossman-Belisle
Noel Thomas
Vickie Bajtelsmit
John and Sally Conway
Mercedes-Benz of Loveland
Carolyn and Marvin Johnson
Bonnie and Dennis Volz
Anna and Dave Lundahl
C.B. and S.A. Malone
Margaret and James Nelson
Cody and Julie Hart
Kristie Raymond
Sarah and Jim Lee
Monica Bice