Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution

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At FRCC, we are focused on building a community that promotes advancement and social equity—and one where all feel welcome and celebrated.  As part of these efforts, we are proud to announce that FRCC has begun the process of becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI).

What Does Becoming an HSI Mean for FRCC?

At FRCC, Latinx students now make up about 1/4 of our student body. Over the years we've been thinking hard about the best ways to meet their needs—and what we can do to improve their educational experience.

Simply put, becoming an HSI is an intentional commitment to being a college where Latinx students thrive. It's an effort that ties in directly with our mission to enrich lives through learning—for all our students equitably. 

As we work towards becoming an HSI, the following statement drives our work:

Our goal is to serve the FRCC's Hispanic-, Latino- and Latinx-identifying community by:

  • Eliminating barriers by changing systematic practices and standards that perpetuate inequity
  • Providing resources and a culturally affirming experience for our students and employees

So that FRCC is a community that promotes advancement and social equity—and where all feel welcome and celebrated.

FRCC HSI Taskforce

To guide our efforts, we've created an HSI task force, allowing us to take a close look at how we support, communicate with and contribute to Latinx students, their families and the community.

Our HSI taskforce includes staff and faculty from across the college—who serve on committees that focus on five key areas:

  • Enrollment and Outcomes. This sub-committee is tasked with evaluating FRCC's student recruitment and retention practices. By engaging with marginalized students via surveys, interviews and/or focus groups we hope to better understand the challenges they face, as well as the cultural assets and strategies they use.
  • Student Advisory. We want to learn how to be more intentional about how we serve both students and families. This involves identifying and communicating the authentic student voice as well as elevating leadership opportunities for students.
  • Professional Development. Working closely with other sub-committees, this group is charged with engaging, informing and inspiring FRCC faculty and staff across the college. By developing and promoting professional development opportunities, we  intend to raise awareness of HSIs and best practices.
  • Institutional Practices. This group will take a close look at FRCC processes and policies, including campus initiatives, programs, services, reports and resources that are currently addressing equity issues. To better address challenges experienced by students of color, they will also create a collection of evidence-based programs and practices that other Minority Serving Institutions have developed.
  • Communications. Being an HSI goes well beyond achieving the 25% Latinx enrollment requirement. This group is responsible for building communications that emphasis a richer meaning of being an HSI, including the goals and benefits associated with this designation.

Together, the members of this task force will work together to steer our efforts to become an effective HSI.

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