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Questions about Career Advance Colorado?

With the Career Advance Colorado Program, you can get free, short-term training in high demand programs. The program covers tuition, fees and course materials. Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding this program. Need answers for Care Forward Colorado? Please visit these frequently asked questions.


What does Career Advance Colorado pay for?

Starting in Fall 2023, the program will pay for tuition, fees, materials, supplies and book costs associated with the required coursework for the approved programs. 

What programs are eligible for funding?

How do I qualify for Career Advance Colorado funding?

You must:

  1. Be admitted to Front Range Community College and have declared your program in one of the qualifying programs. Funding will only apply to courses required for the program you are declared in.

    Funding is only available to Colorado residents or those with an ASSET (Advancing Students for a Stronger Tomorrow) designation.
  2. Students are required to either have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Colorado Application for Student Financial Aid (CASFA).
  3. Students must meet financial aid eligibility requirements.

If you need assistance or have questions in regards to completing either the FAFSA or CASFA, please contact the Financial Aid Office

How will I be awarded the funding?

Students that have been:

will automatically be identified and awarded the funding. Funding is initially applied after the 15-week drop deadline for the semester. Please check the academic calendar for this date each term.

Students will receive a notice through their CCCS student email once funding is awarded and can check their funding through eWOLF on their aid offer.

How do I receive funding for course materials?

Funding for course materials is predetermined by the program directors and applied with your funding based on the semester you are in. Funding is not an exact reimbursement and cannot be received prior to the start of the term.

Can I get financial aid (federal and state awards) and the Career Advance Colorado funding?

Yes, if you are eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid you can receive that in conjunction with the Career Advance Colorado funding. Keep in mind though, that some of the qualifying programs are not eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid.

Can I get financial aid  (federal and state awards), plus Care Forward Colorado with Career Advance Colorado funds?

Yes, if pursuing coursework and are declared in qualifying programs for both Care Forward Colorado and Career Advance Colorado. Keep in mind though, that some of the qualifying programs are not eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid.

Can I get CTE (Colorado Technical Education) Grant fund and Career Advance Colorado funds?

No, unfortunately these funds cannot be combined together. For more information on the CTE (Colorado Technical Education) Grant, please visit our Scholarships page.

I am in the Finish What You Started or Back to Work COSI Programs, can I receive the Career Advance Colorado funding?

Yes, but Career Advance Colorado funding would be reduced by the amount received in Finish What you Started or Back to Work COSI programs.

Is there a deadline to meet the requirements to receive this funding within a semester?

Yes, you need to meet the eligibility requirements by the posted 15-week course withdraw date for the term. Please check the academic calendar for this date each term. 

When does this program expire?

The program will last as long as funds continue to be available for FRCC, estimated through the spring 2025 term at this time.

I am an out of state, non-Colorado resident, can I still qualify?

No, students must be a Colorado Resident or qualify as ASSET (Advancing Students for a Strong Tomorrow). Please refer to our Residency page for more information.

I am an international student, can I qualify?


If I enroll in courses not required by one of the qualifying programs, can I receive funding for those courses?

No, funding can only be applied to the courses required for the qualifying certificate program you are declared in at FRCC. If you have questions about which courses are required, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Can I get more than one program covered?

Yes, multiple programs can be covered. In order to be eligible to receive funding you must be declared in one or more of the approved programs. Only courses required for the degree are eligible.

My primary program is an AAS, AA or AS program, will secondary programs be covered?

Yes, if your official secondary declared program is one of the approved programs.

I already have a Bachelor's degree, can I qualify for this funding?


I am ineligible for financial aid due to Satisfactory Academic Progress, can I qualify for this funding?

No, you would need to appeal and have it approved in order to be eligible for funding. Please refer to our Satisfactory Academic Progress page for more information.

I do not have a high school diploma, would I qualify for funding?

No, high school diploma or high school equivalency is required.