Student graduating.

Earn High School and College Credit

Concurrent enrollment allows your high school student the opportunity to take college-level classes while in high school. Students benefit from the opportunity to earn credit in both high school and college for the classes taken while having the dual support of both institutions.

College Instructors and Curriculum

Students may be able to take courses at their high school or on the FRCC campus. Courses are taught by college-qualified instructors and provide students a rigorous college experience.

Students will work with their high school counselor and FRCC staff to identify appropriate courses based on their future goals, whether they plan to enroll at a two-year or four-year institution or enter the workforce after graduation.

All students will complete the FRCC admissions application and all courses taken will appear on a FRCC transcript.

No Residency Requirements

Students are welcome to take concurrent enrollment classes in high school regardless of residency.  

Contact Concurrent Enrollment

303-678-3764 or 303-678-3690