Student working in class.

Concurrent Enrollment allows public high school students in grades 9-12 to take college classes for high school and college credit. Courses may be taken at their own high school or at the FRCC campus.

Paid Tuition

Tuition paid by the school district or charter school and the College Opportunity Fund. Learn more about concurrent enrollment from the Colorado Department of Education.

College Instructors and Curriculum

Courses are taught by college-qualified instructors and provide students a rigorous college experience.

All students will complete the FRCC admissions application and all courses taken will appear on their FRCC transcript.

Contact Concurrent Enrollment

303-678-3764 or 303-678-3690 


Campus Select New Student Orientation


Attending the FRCC Boulder County Campus for the first time?

Boulder Valley and St Vrain Valley school district high school students must complete the information here