Tutoring Services at Boulder County Campus

Summer 2020

Course-Specific Tutoring

FRCC Students who are enrolled in a for-credit FRCC or CCCS Online course are eligible for one hour of free weekly individual tutoring per course.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all services are currently being provided remotely.

  • Students who miss or cancel two tutoring appointments may be dropped from tutoring for the rest of the semester.
  • Tutors do not do homework for students. They are facilitators of student learning. Students should be prepared with goals and questions for each tutoring session. If students come to sessions unprepared, they risk being dropped from tutoring.
  • Students must request a tutor at least three weeks before the end of the semester, which is the 12th week of the fall or spring semester, or the 7th week of the summer session.

Foundational Skills Tutoring

Any FRCC-BCC student enrolled in any for-credit course at FRCC may request a Study Skills Tutor.

  • Study skills tutoring supports academic success strategies such as note taking, time management, organization, and test preparation and general accountability. These skills can be applied to any course work during any semester.
  • Study skills tutoring sessions are customized to meet the individual need of each student.
  • Students requesting Foundational Skills tutoring are usually scheduled for four to six weekly one-hour sessions.

How to Schedule a Tutor

Complete the Tutor Request Form.

Meet with Tutor Coordinator

Once you complete the Tutor Request Form, the Tutor Coordinator or Assistant will contact you by telephone and/or email.

Drop-In Tutoring/Brainfuse

  • Drop-in tutoring is not offered during the summer semester. Please use the Tutor Request Form to request tutoring.
  • Brainfuse - Students that don’t need a full semester of tutoring support, but are still looking for “as needed” help should consider using Brainfuse which is 24/7 online tutoring help.
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