Developmental English Classes

College Composition and Reading (CCR) Courses

There are three CCR courses—CCR 092, CCR 093, and CCR 094. They are not not a sequence. Each CCR class prepares students to enter into ENG 121 upon successful completion.

These courses integrate reading skills with writing skills.

The goal is to provide students a supportive environment and personal assistance to accelerate their enrollment and success in a college level course. Both CCR 093 and CCR 094 require students to enroll in two classes that are paired or linked, so it’s important to talk with an advisor about enrolling in CCR.

Course Course Focus Great for Students Who... Time Required
CCR 094
“Studio 121”


This course provides students with supplemental resources and time to complete ENG 121. Students enroll in designated sections of ENG 121 and CCR 094. To learn more about Studio 121, talk with an advisor.



  • Want to finish CCR 094 and ENG 121 in one semester
  • Are ready for ENG 121 with support
  • Realize there is a heavy amount of reading and writing coursework in both courses
  • Need ENG 121 as part of their academic program
6 Credit Hours
Students should be ready to commit to 6 credits of reading and writing coursework.


CCR 093
“Studio D”
(“D” is for


This course supports students’ reading and writing in the context of a content area. Students enroll in designated GT pathways classes and CCR 093. To learn which GT courses are paired with CCR 093 on your campus, talk with an advisor.



  • Feel nervous about the amount of writing produced in CCR 094 and want to spread writing coursework across multiple semesters
  • Interested in a GT pathways course and would like support reading and writing college-level texts in the GT discipline class, for example, Psychology, Philosophy, Biology, Humanities, History
6 Credit Hours
Students should be prepared to invest 3 credits in a reading/writing course while completing a GT course that requires such skills.
CCR 092
Reading and


This course uses an intensive and supported approach to prepare students for ENG 121. To learn more about CCR 092, talk with an advisor.


  • Need additional academic skills support
  • Need additional support from advising, Writing Center, and tutoring
5 Credit Hours
This is the only choice for students at these placement levels.
This is an accelerated reading and writing course with a lot of embedded support.