Larimer Writing Center Consultants

A note of "WAC 2014/2015" indicates consultants who are observing and assisting in the Writing Center this semester as part of their WAC program requirements.

Cindy Burkhart (WAC 2014/2015)

Creative Arts, Design, and Humanities

Marissa Campbell

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy 

Learn more about Marissa in her faculty profile.

Liliana Castro

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy

Liliana is the Lead Instructor in Second and Foreign Languages at Larimer Campus, and assisting in our Center with a focus on questions specific to ESL/ELL and writing. Learn more about Liliana in her faculty profile.


Sue Davidson (WAC 2014/2015)

Allied Health

William Henry Foster, III

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy 

Writing is life. It addresses the core of the human condition, informing our identity and echoing our voices in a timeless form through the basic elements of communication—words. When we write we enter into a literacy courtyard where we meet ourselves, our ideologies and, ultimately, our readers. Those who read our writing enter into this courtyard we have created and meet us as they read our words—as they read the self we are presenting. These conversations are timeless and informative, deferring and creating ideas that progress humanity and human identity. I invite all who stumble upon the mighty pen to write with me, to read with me, to converse with me and, in this process called writing, learn and grow with me. “Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom.” —Walter Benjamin (1892-1940)


Maureen Fox

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Wow! That life went fast! What to write...? Like most of the students I meet, I have faced that question so often. Ah, to be humorous, pithy, brilliant, mysterious, existential....Alas, banal! I spent my childhood riding my bike and reading in kid-made forts in small-town South Florida. After graduating from college, I traveled in Western Europe and stopped at John Lennon's house, I moved to New York where I did not get hired by Mad magazine but taught fourth grade in a Harlem school and began grad school. I then moved to North Carolina and finished grad school and packed up my VW beetle and headed to Colorado! Throughout the years I have loved reading, swimming, walking, hiking, the Beatles, most other music, children, play, laughter, sunlight, moonlight, mountains, oceans, chocolate, visiting, and some other things....Fast forward through construction work, bartending, waitressing, more school, teaching, teaching, counseling practice, parenting, more teaching, and the writing center. The writing center represents to me such an exciting opportunity to be with people in the reciprocal process of developing skills and relationships. Each situation represents a mutual challenge and a chance for creativity. I am grateful to be a part of this very valuable resource.

Deb Gengler

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy 

Before joining FRCC, Deb taught Composition and Literature in the English Dept. at CSU. She then moved to UNC where she taught and advised in the Arts and Sciences Learning Communities, focusing on Developmental and College English and Student Success Seminars. Deb now teaches Composition and Literature online for FRCC. Deb tells us the following: I believe reading, writing, thinking well, and learning all live together and that an ideal learning environment should disengage fear to foster a constant atmosphere of trust….You are safe. You need not know everything all the time or all at once. Let’s find a way to do this together. Learning-centered activities should emphasize student-driven discussion and peer interaction. The most important job for a tutor [or consultant] and a teacher is to listen in order to help guide a student toward what he or she is capable of achieving through persistence.


Ann Healy

Community Volunteer

Being a volunteer at the Writing Center has given me the opportunity to do what I most enjoy about teaching college composition—working with students on an individual basis in order to help them strengthen their papers for a wide variety of courses. Before retiring to sunny Colorado, for more than two decades I taught a range of composition courses for the Academic Opportunity Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It has given me great pleasure to use some of that experience here in the Writing Center for the last few years. I have been especially impressed to see how many of our students take their writing very seriously and thus welcome the chance to discover ways to better develop their ideas and improve their papers. FRCC is also a great place to be a volunteer because of its diverse student body and faculty.

Katie Leber (WAC 2014/2015)

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy

Therese Loeffler-Clemens

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy

Hello! I taught all the English Composition courses offered on our campus except Technical Writing in my eighteen years of employment at the college. I am eager to assist you. I live in town with my husband and our two Bengal cats. I belong to a great book club, love to garden, travel whenever I get the opportunity, quilt, do volunteer work, work out at the gym like a madwoman, and am currently creating a biography of my mother-in-law’s life. I take courses at the college and am working on a college-wide Assessment of Student Learning Committee.

Susan Marshall

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy; Interim Writing Center Director

Should you trust me for help with your writing? Well, Pulitzer Prize finalist Dave Eggers and I had the same creative writing teacher in high school. (Thank you Alva Lowey.) I also have a B.S. in Education, M.F.A. in Film, M.F.A. in Writing earned as a Michener Fellow, and I’ve taught ENG 090, ENG 121, and creative writing here at FRCC. I once worked as a professional copywriter/copyeditor for marketing at Holt, Rinehart and Winston and was an Associate Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts at the invitation of Ishmael Reed. My poetry and prose has been printed in a range of publications, and I also completed a book-length manuscript about writing titled Wordhugger that I’m in the process of revealing little by little so as not to overwhelm anyone. You might still wonder, though—why does a Google search of my name favor a plethora of links to Susan Marshall the choreographer? Why don’t I have a Web site, a blog, or a Facebook profile? Why am I not tweeting?! Where is my great American novel? Why isn’t Oprah or Stephen Colbert calling? Why do I want to travel to New Jersey to read Salinger’s “The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls” in a supervised reading room?


Jeannie Mobley-Tanaka (WAC 2014/2015)


Learn more about Jeannie in her faculty profile.

Rhonda Parmley, Ph.D.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Hello! I have been working in the Writing Center since 2011 and teach courses in Women’s Studies and Psychology. In addition to incorporating writing assignments into my courses, I do a great deal of journaling and creative writing, academic writing (journal articles and grants), and a little song-writing. I believe writing is one of the most effective ways for us to learn, integrate, and express ideas, and that it is a necessary skill for anyone in any occupation in order to be successful in today’s workforce. So I am thrilled to be spending time with you in the Writing Center to help you develop skills which will serve you well beyond your college education. I look forward to supporting you in your journey to becoming a better writer!


Heidi Petersen

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy 

My quest is personal growth. I have explored the mundane terrain of organization and the exotic island of fire walking. My pilgrimages have been American-style. In other words, I have trekked to various professions: hair stylist, intellectual property paralegal, Philosophy and English instructor, spiritual minister, healing arts practitioner and teacher, and real estate investor. I am thrilled to currently be in a position to guide others around the wonderful world of writing—a mode of self-expression that has the capability to enrich every aspect of our lives. Personally, writing enables us to focus and clarify our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, aspirations, and plans. Additionally, it encourages self-awareness and poetic reflection. In our closest relationships with others, writing promotes thoughtful and considered communication. Publicly, it allows us to share our concerns and points of view with our communities, as well as to establish boundaries with those who demonstrate a willingness to trespass our wellbeing. Ultimately, writing is a practical art that complements our ability to frame and share our lived experiences and our imagined possibilities.


Heidi Quist

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy 

Born in Alberta, I moved with my family to Loveland, CO in 1978. My parents have lived in the same house ever since, graduating me and my seven siblings from Loveland High School. Yea Northern Colorado! After graduating, however, I moved to Utah for my Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University. Then, after a few different directions in working, including a lengthy stint in Northern Virginia, I earned my MFA in Children’s Literature, Creative Writing, from Hollins University (a summer program in southern VA). While still in VA, in 2010, I also began my college English teaching experience, which I have been doing since. But luckily now, I’m back home in the great mountain country I love.

Johanna Scheurman

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy

Hello! I can’t wait to read your writing. I’ve been a reading and writing nerd since I was little, and without thinking twice about it, this led me to earning a BA in Literature at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO. From there I knew I wanted to stay involved at the college level, and I wanted to pursue my passion for literature and share it with others through discussion and collaboration. I earned my MA at UNC in Greeley where I worked as a TA for composition classes as I earned my degree. From there I taught a little at UNC, bounced between Aims and Front Range, and finally settled at FRCC where I have taught ENG 121, 122, and am currently teaching ENG121/CCR094 and LIT 115.

I love Colorado, being active, photography, traveling, music, language, and discussing reading and writing with others. For me, reading and writing provide ways of seeing the world, processing our experiences, understanding what makes us who we are, and helps us situate ourselves in relationship to others and the different experiences we have along the way. I finally started writing consistently again this summer, and most of my writing involves the traveling that I have done. I see reading and writing as a way for me to be a life long learner, which means that every individual who is willing to share his/her writing with me can teach me something. So I am an eager reader and excited to learn something from you as we collaborate over writing!


Seth Vincent

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy


John Young

Rhetoric, Languages, and Philosophy 

John has taught at FRCC (English Comp, Journalism) since 2009, after a long career in newspapers. A native of Denver, and graduate of Colorado State, he was editor of the daily paper in Alamosa before moving to Texas, where he was opinion editor of the Waco Tribune-Herald long enough to raise two adult children. During that time his three-times-weekly column was carried on The New York Times News Service. He continues to write a weekly column——that appears in newspapers in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. John and wife Becky live just north of Fort Collins with five cats, three dogs and three rabbits, and have trouble masking the glee with which they returned to their home state of Colorado after so many years away.