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What is Supplemental Instruction?Students in library studying

Supplemental Instruction (SI) uses peers to assist with learning in and out of the classroom. SI Leaders are students who have previously been successful in the course. While you are taking the course, SI Leaders attend to assist in class and remain aware of the topics being covered. They lead group study sessions outside of class to review key ideas, explain difficult topics, and help prepare for exams. Research has shown that students who participate in SI are more likely to pass and to have higher GPA’s than those who don't participate. See an interactive overview of SI.

Courses Offered

SI is currently being offered in select math and science classes. Check with the ASC to find out which specific courses and sections will offer SI.

A calendar is available for all currently scheduled SI sessions. Even if you are not in a section that offers SI, you can still attend, but the material may vary from your section due to differing schedules and paces of instructors. 

Does it Work?

YES! For MAT 121, College Algebra, the number of students passing has soared when they attend multiple SI sessions. On average, SI-session attendees earn half a grade-letter higher than their non-SI-attending peers.

# SI Sessions Attended Student Pass Rate 
 0 57% 
1-3  64%
4-9  71% 
 10+ 93% 

Be an SI Leader

If being an SI Leader and helping your peers succeed sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact the ASC to learn more about how the program works and the application process. 

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Erin Wolfe
ASC Coordinator

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