Personal Counseling & Stress Management

Stressed or struggling?

We've all been there—and now we're here to help. Services are free for FRCC students and include: 

  • Brief crisis and stress management services
  • Referrals to other community resources

Take a free and confidential online mental health screening.  

We're Here to Help

We are committed to helping students achieve a balanced life.

Boulder County Campus 

Paul Darby - email Paul or call (303) 678-3610

Ashley Connolly - email Ashley or call (303) 678-3689

Larimer Campus 

Kathleen Strong - email Kathleen or call (970) 204-8210

Patty Pearson - email Patty or call (970) 204-8210

Westminster Campus

John Cayer - email John or call (303) 404-5163

Becky Lane-Ramsey - email Becky or call (303) 404-5289