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Student Consultation Team

The Student Consultation Team uses nationally established assessment tools and best-practices to respond to each student on a case-by-case basis. This team will involve you in the process of responding to a concern. If you’d like to contact a member of the Student Consultation Team, you are welcome to do so. You can view the Student Consultation Team roster below: 

Boulder County Campus

Carla Stein, Dean of Students
Kezia Grenda, Program Assistant Dean of Student Services Office
Nancy West, Special Assistant to Dean of Students
Mandy Clancy, Director of Student Life
Ray Carleton, Disability Services Coordinator
Spencer Morrison, Social Sciences Faculty
Peggy Copeland, Student Success Center Retention Specialist
Paul Darby, Mental Health Partners
Laura DuClos, Coordinator of Human Resources
Jim Bunt, Campus Security & Preparedness

Larimer Campus

Jana Schwartz Ph.D., Dean of Student Services
Patty Pearson, Crisis Counselor
Cid Shinsel, Learning Opportunity Center Director
Naomi Walsh, Program Assistant Dean of Student Services Office
John Mandley, Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty
Karen Daine, Academic Advisor/Case Manager

Westminster Campus / Brighton Center

Aaron Prestwich, Dean of Student Services
Danielle Boileau, Academic Advisor
Rachel Dammann, Program Assistant to Dean of Student Services
Laurie Miller, Dean of Instruction
Bruce Nye, History Faculty
Jessica Mahoney, Psychology Faculty
JoAnna Bennett, Director of Disability Services
John Putbrese, Security Supervisor
Contact Campus Security
Boulder County Campus

(303) 678-3911 | Email us

Larimer Campus

(970) 204-8124 | Email us

Westminster Campus

(303) 404-5411 | Email us