Parking Rules

  • Visitors and students must park in only one parking space at a time and within the lines of their parking space.
  • Only vehicles with valid handicap license plates or handicap placards prominently displayed where an officer can see them may use handicap parking.
  • Motorcyclists should use motorcycle parking when possible.
  • Visitors and students must never park in fire lanes.
  • Drivers must not drive across a parking lot, but rather, should use the entrance for the row you want to park in.
  • No overnight parking in any of the lots.
  • The speed limit on entrance roads is 15 mph. A speed of 15 mph or less is suggested in the parking lots.

Campus security & preparedness officers will enforce parking regulations through education, intervention, and warning notices rather than tickets and fines. Although there are no monetary fines, a system of tracking repeat offenders is in place, and the Student Code of Conduct will be used to deal with those offenders.