Extenuating Circumstances Appeal

Students who experience circumstances that prevent them from completing a course should talk with a Pathways Advisor about their options. If it is decided that an extenuating circumstances appeal is warranted, the student will need to complete the extenuating circumstances appeal form below. If an appeal is approved, failing grades will be changed to an Administrative Withdraw (AW). There is no refund or tuition credit associated with the extenuating circumstance appeal.

Reasons for Appealing Include:

  • Medical (extended physical/mental illness or debilitating injury/accident)
  • Death
  • Institutional error
  • Unforeseen military orders
  • Other extenuating circumstances

Note: A change in employment (or work schedule) does not constitute an extenuating circumstance.

Appeal Process

  1. Meet with a Pathway Advisor to discuss withdrawing from your class(s).

  2. Complete the online Extenuating Circumstances Appeal form

  3. Complete and submit all supporting documentation. Documentation may include:

    • FRCC Medical/Mental Health Documentation Form (Required for all medical appeals. Other medical documentation will not be accepted.)
    • Death Certificate, Obituary or Funeral Program
    • Notarized letter from another person who can speak to your circumstance
    • Recommendation from instructor, department chair, or dean
    • Documentation of unforeseen military deployment
  4. The Extenuating Circumstances College-Wide Appeals Committee will meet to review your appeal.

    • The campus committee meets once per month and as needed.
    • Submitting your appeal by a certain time does not guarantee that it will be heard at the next meeting, although every effort will be made to hear your appeal in a timely manner.
    • If approved, the committee may award an administrative withdrawal.

Please Note:

  • Before completing the online form, have supporting documentation prepared to upload electronically with form.
  • Appeals for medical circumstances must be accompanied by the FRCC Medical Form only.  Other forms of medical documentation will not be accepted by the committee.
  • If you cannot submit documentation electronically, it must be received at our office within 30 days of submitting the appeal form.
  • The decision made by the committee is final.

Important to Know

  1. All requests, communications, and appeal outcome will be communicated to you via your college email address.
  2. Appeals must be submitted within 6 months of the end of the semester for which the student is appealing. Repeated appeals for the same reason will not be considered.
  3. Note to Financial Aid Students: Making changes to your schedule and courses may have Financial Aid implications. If you drop or withdraw from classes, you may owe some or all of the funds you have received. It is advised that students meet with a Financial Aid advisor prior to submitting the appeal to discuss the impact of this withdrawal.
  4. An approved appeal does not guarantee entry or re-entry into any of the college’s competitive programs.
  5. All information and documentation supplied in the appeal submission will be held confidential. However, if the committee finds it necessary, a staff member may reach out to the student to ensure the student’s well-being.
  6. Front Range Community College is required by federal laws, including Title IX and VAWA, to report certain activity and incidents. Therefore, any information supplied that should fall within these laws, may be reported to other college departments.
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