Brighton Center Community Resources

Below are some community resources available to our students attending the Brighton Center located in Brighton.
CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) is a federally funded program that provides child care subsidies to qualified students who are enrolled part-time or full-time at FRCC. Student-parent applicants must meet certain requirements set forth by the Department of Education to be eligible for child care assistance through CCAMPIS. Learn more about Child Care.



  • Adams County Human Services: 720-523‐2000
  • Child & Family Services: 303- 412‐5212 
  • Project Safeguard: 303-637‐7761  
    • Project Safeguard, founded in 1981 and incorporated in 1984, is a non‐ profit organization committed to helping end domestic violence by holding society responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing sanctions against abusers while increasing safety and survival options for abused women and their children.
    • Project Safeguard’s mission is dedicated to providing safety planning, legal advocacy, and direct court support to victims of domestic violence and abuse, ensuring their safety and survival.
  • Expunging or sealing a criminal record (Content regarding criminal records does not constitute legal advise and is for informational purposes only):
    • Don't let a past criminal charge or conviction affect your dreams. There may be a way to expunge or seal a past criminal record
    • What is the difference between an expunged vs. a sealed criminal record? In Colorado, adult records may be sealed and generally juvenile records may be expunged. When a record is sealed, the information related to the criminal offense contained in the record is not generally accessible by the public and access to the record is limited to certain individuals or entities as identified by law. Expungement removes the arrest or criminal record from court history, and the records are deemed to never have existed.
    • Instructions and forms to expunge or seal a criminal record in Colorado. FRCC cannot provide legal advice. Please contact an attorney should you need assistance completing court documents.
    • Read about house bill (HB19-1275) and how there is increased eligibility for criminal record sealing.