Rights & Responsibilities

Student Rights

Once students have documented their disabilities through the established process, they have the right to:

  • Have the confidentiality of information about their disabilities remain confidential, unless a need to know situation arises.
  • Participate in programs and classes for which they are otherwise qualified, with appropriate accommodations/access services.
  • Be treated equally with other students regarding grades and class participation.
  • Receive accommodations in a timely manner once they have been properly requested every semester.

Student Responsibilities

  • To meet course/program requirements.
  • To provide adequate documentation of the impact of their disabilities so that Disability Support can determine appropriate accommodations.
  • To notify Disability Support of the need for accommodations each semester through the established process.
  • To work with Disability Support and the instructor in obtaining accommodations.
  • To take responsibility for using or not using accommodations.
  • To let Disability Support know in a timely manner when concerns arise.

Faculty Rights

To know that a request for accommodation is current and valid.

  • Disability Support processes all requests and collects the appropriate information to validate that academic access services are warranted.
  • A valid accommodation letter will include a current date that corresponds with the semester a student requests and receives their access services.

To be informed enough about the student’s disability to work effectively with him or her.

  • Disability Support will share the impacts of the disability in relation to the class and what accommodations will remove or reduce the barriers caused by the disability.
  • A student’s diagnosis will only be shared with the instructor if the student requests it or if a “need to know” situation occurs.

To receive official, and as possible, advance notice of the need for accommodation.

  • Notification is sometimes delayed because students request services throughout the semester. Accommodation letters are produced in a timely manner after a student requests their accommodations.

To suggest alternatives to a requested accommodation if an accommodation impacts the essential elements of the course.

  • Instructors contact Disability Support to discuss how an accommodation might not be appropriate for their course. This is a deliberative process between Disability Support and the Instructor.

Faculty Responsibilities

To work with Disability Support Services when a letter of accommodation is received.

  • The instructor reads and follows through with the academic accommodations designated in the letter of accommodation immediately upon receipt of the letter.

To refer a student to Disability Support if s/he approaches the instructor directly with a verbal accommodation request, but does not present an official written accommodation letter.

  • Instructors are welcome to additionally send an email to Disability Support with the name and student S number after they refer a student to this office.

To foster a respectful and confidential classroom environment for students with disabilities.

  • Uphold the academic standards for all students to meet the course competencies.
  • Communicate directly and privately with the student with accommodations a realistic picture of her/his progress in the course.
  • Grade the student with the disability on the same scale as other students.
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