COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

FRCC Health Care Programs COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

In the age of COVID-19, protecting our students and community has meant taking a number of safety measures.  It is now increasingly clear that the best way we can do this moving forward is with COVID-19 vaccines and testing requirements* for some of the programs, classes and events taking place on the FRCC campuses.

More information on the COVID-19 vaccines can be found here:

Front Range Community College students must meet current college COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements to participate in certain health care programs and/or in certain class activities and events. Students may be required to provide documentation of receipt of the COVID-19 vaccination or of negative COVID-19 PCR test results.

As part of programmatic and curricular requirements, some health care programs partner with outside internship, clinical, and practicum sites. Students are required to meet all pre-internship/pre-clinical/pre-practicum and internship/clinical/practicum requirements set by the clinical site with which they are placed. This may include providing documentation of receipt of required immunizations. Acceptance of a student for internship/clinical/practicum placement is determined by the clinical site. If a student fails to meet the requirements of the assigned clinical site and is not allowed to participate in or continue in an assigned rotation because of non-compliance with site requirements, an additional placement site will not be made available to the student.

*A medical or religious exemption request may be filed for any health care program student or staff using the forms below:

Please note the program does not control a clinic’s or a prospective employer’s decisions as to acceptance of exemptions, and thus, a student’s ability to participate in a clinic or secure employment may be impacted if an exemption is denied.


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