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4,900 students and counting.

Since 1982, Front Range Community College has maintained a growing presence in Boulder County. Today, our Boulder County Campus serves more than 4,900 students seeking career/technical training or general education courses to transfer.

The student body is diverse.

About 18 percent of Boulder County students are members of one or more ethnic group. Many students enroll right from high school, so the median age is around 24. But more than 40 percent of our students are 26 years of age or older.

CU-Boulder and Metropolitan State University of Denver are top transfer destinations.

Many students come to FRCC before transferring. The top transfer destination for the Boulder County Campus is our neighbor in Boulder, the University of Colorado. (Several faculty here teach there, too.) The next top transfer destination is Metropolitan State University of Denver.

The campus works closely with admissions and transfer personnel at CU, Metro, and other colleges and universities to make the process for FRCC students who intend to transfer as seamless as possible.

Your Associate degree is guaranteed to transfer.

Transfer students can take advantage of guaranteed-transfer agreements. They do as well or better than students who start at a four-year institution. And there are special transfer agreements with Colorado School of Mines, Regis University, and others.

Career/technical training is top-notch.

Other students come here for top-notch career/technical education, such as Geographic Information Systems. Programs that are nationally accredited include Early Childhood Education, Medical Assisting, and Emergency Medical Services has state accreditation.

High school students can enroll in courses.

Some of our students are attending FRCC while they are still in high school! Our co-enrollment program is called College Now. High school students can enroll in FRCC classes on campus with Campus Select or in selected high schools with High School Select. With co-enrollment, students earn both high school and college credit.

International reputation for medallion artistry.

These medallions are like miniature sculptures. Many are round, and most of them you can hold in your hand. Students have had medallions accepted for exhibition in the Art World Congress for several years running, including: one student in 2008 when the Congress was in Colorado Springs; two students in 2010 when the Congress was in Finland, and four students had medallions accepted for an online exhibition organized in 2011 by a university in Poland. Additionally, five students had medallions accepted for the 2012 Congress in Scotland!

The campus observatory has stargazing nights.

The Boulder County Campus observatory, located in the courtyard of the Classroom Building, has monthly stargazing nights. The campus also has a radio telescope. (Did you know that you can “hear” Venus?)

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