FRCC Westminster Library LibGuides

FRCC Westminster Campus Library LibGuides

These LibGuides are guides to help you to navigate FRCC's library resources as well as the Internet in general. These guides are designed to assist you in finding credible research for your assigned papers. If asked to login on any of the links, use your S#.

These pages are great places to start, but as always, if you need more assistance, don't hesitate to contact the library to speak with a librarian for more help.


Alice Thomas's Psychology Class

The American Landscape - Diverse Perspectives

Body Image Issues

Clashing Economics Viewpoints - The Keynes-Hayek Debate

Criminal Justice

Digital Animation

Fake News

Food Issues

Human Migration

Kelli Cole's Dust Bowl Research Assignment

Neanderthals and Other Humans


Standardized Testing

Wolf Reintroduction