Public Space

Host your conferences, meetings, seminars, and events in Front Range Community College’s meeting rooms and outdoor spaces. You’ll find a range of sizes and set-ups to meet every need—whether you’re with a student organization, a college group, a vendor, or the general public.

To reserve a meeting room:

  1. Complete and submit a reservation request form. (By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in our External Customer Agreement.)
  2. Within two business days, we’ll contact you to discuss availability.

Vendor/Solicitation Spaces

If you want to sell a product, promote or market your organization, or collect petition signatures or donations, we have spaces available by the day. To reserve a space, please submit an online reservation form.

User Options



Vendors  $50/day  Table & two chairs 
Solicitors (inside)  $50/day  Table & two chairs
Solicitors (outside)  $0  Nothing provided 
Non-Profit Organizations 
(Need proof of 501(3) status)
Table & two chairs 
FRCC Departments & Organizations  $0  Table & two chairs 

See also: Vendor Solicitation User Agreement. FRCC Solicitation/Vending Protocols.