A Worker’s Perspective

Eric van der Heide is one of more than 500 Coloradans who have become certified machinists through FRCC. Eric is employed with Avior Control Technologies, where he was made shop foreman within 18 months of hire. “They trust me with a lot of responsibility—thanks in large part to the education at Front Range.” From student to foreman, Eric now echoes industry’s demand: “There’s a deficit of workers versus the number of jobs.”

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An Employer’s Perspective

FRCC works directly with industry to expand programs. “It was a game changer,” says Pete Neidecker, former president and CEO of Mountainside Medical Systems. “[FRCC] staff came to us and asked, ‘What needs do you have?’” And FRCC delivered. “Within two years [of starting the Machining Program], 10 percent of our workforce came out of the FRCC program.” 

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